6 Effective Techniques-How to Start Self-development

You can reschedule the alarm endlessly in the morning after 10 minutes, or you can fool your parents. You can skip work every Monday because of a fictitious illness, or you can continue to “give up” your life until later.

Procrastination has never been successful. Without continuous brain training, you will soon lose the knowledge you already have.

No one, but you can change anything. However, if you want to start living now, you need motivation. In the fifth paragraph, it is a kind of “hit”.

1. Take immediate action

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. On the left, list the life you want to change, and on the right, list the same things you want to keep. Take the second piece of paper and divide it into two halves, but now the ones on the left are daily activities, which will increase your burden, and the ones on the right are very interesting activities. Analyze your findings and highlight your character strengths, which will lead you to success.

2. Log out of social networks

After waking up, be sure to check your email, read social media posts, scroll through some news stories, watch funny videos posted by your friends in the feed, and check the email again. The virtual world seems to be specially created to inspire people’s desire to postpone their lives.

3. Time to skydive

Getting out of the comfort zone and taking action is the main principle of self-development. Start to change your attitude towards life, this change will soon appear! Not to improve qualifications, but to gain new knowledge and skills-broaden your horizons and never hurt anyone.

4. Take a break from the meme and start the notebook

Visualization is a well-known technique that can bring what you want into life, in other words, turn ideas into reality.

Pick up your notebook and write down all your wishes and goals so that you can build your own life. Divide each big goal into several subtasks. For example, if you dream of buying a yacht, first try to buy a small motorboat and obtain a license to operate a small boat.

5. Spread out your favorite clothes

An extended T-shirt with coffee stains, a worn sweater, a hole in the shoulder (well, you can’t see it!), a hat dipped in pills, a “very comfortable” sneaker for ten years -What a successful and confident man is this?

6. Change your social circle

The basic idea is that by staying in touch with your close circle, you can learn the boundaries of boring from them. Your friends rarely argue with you or push you to achieve new achievements. Jay Mag talks about the power of strong and weak bonds in her book. Weak ties are people you don’t communicate with often. Former classmates, the person you have been greeting you at parties, your hairdresser. Everyone who keeps in touch with you but who is not familiar enough.

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