Chasing dreams: grants and permanent scholarships from European universities You need to start early

Generally, European universities accept applications in the first few months of the year. The training itself (with a positive attitude) started in September. Remember, finding procedures, paperwork, and other preparations will take months.

Generally, if you meet the following conditions, your chances of getting a scholarship are high:

Don’t fundamentally change your profession;
Have good academic performance;
You have decent orders for foreign languages;
Write papers or research on related topics;
Hope to acquire knowledge that will help the development of cultural, economic, or political relations between the EU and Ukraine (or another country).

Search universities and courses
Most universities have websites that provide information about courses and opportunities for international students. But there are also prefab resources.

Here are some of them: Bachelor course

Master’s Program;
Doctorate program;
Short course.
Therefore, you have studied the education market in the EU and selected four or five options for yourself. Now, study each offer in detail and directly contact the department responsible for enrolling international students.

Indicative document list
Most European universities require:
A copy of a higher education diploma, which contains supplements or academic records of courses taken and grades obtained. The documents must be translated into the appropriate foreign language and notarized. You may also need to translate thesis papers.

Resume (CV). It may contain contact information, brief information about the education received, professional experience, language knowledge, etc. Usually, resume requirements are provided on the university website. Prose (letter of motivation). The selection committee attaches great importance to this document. The story about yourself is about 500 words. You should indicate your academic or professional achievements and explain why you decided to participate in the competition. A letter of motivation can prove your ability to explain, reason, persuade, and argue. Moreover, the personality behind must be visible! Confirmation of foreign language level. For example, IELTS or TOEFL certificate in English, TCF/DELF/DALF certificate in French, etc.

Recommendations from professional subject teachers (one or two). They need to be translated into foreign languages. It is recommended to indicate the teacher’s academic qualifications and contact information: telephone, email, etc. Applications for scholarships for international students usually start at the end of this year and end from January to February. Consider this so that you have time to complete documents and write a cover letter.

1 piece
Great Britain
International students usually receive grants and scholarships in the UK. The distribution is handled by the British Council. Local universities have the right to set their own admission rules. Sometimes, you may need work experience or teaching qualifications obtained in professional courses. However, if you complete your studies, you can guarantee you a place in the research project.

This annual plan subsidizes students from different countries (including Ukraine) who cannot study at British universities at their own expense. Thanks to her, young people who are hungry for knowledge can obtain a master’s degree in one of the 50 humanitarian majors completely free of charge.

Cambridge Scholarship Scheme (Cambridge-Ukraine Student Scholarship) Scholarship

They allow you to obtain a master’s degree at any university in the UK, as well as short-term research work. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, air travel, and daily living expenses for 3 to 12 months.

Candidate’s priority areas:

Public administration (including health and urban planning), international relations (including international security issues); Political Science, Human Rights, Civil Law, Constitution, and International Law; Journalism (print media, television, and radio) Climate change, environmental research, energy security, renewable energy;

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